Canning Jar Lids Wide Mouth 86mm Kirchberg Brand

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Version 2.0 with Button Top Lid!

You will receive a 50 pack of wide mouth canning lids 86mm. Seal in the freshness with Kirchberg Brand Canning Lids. The red sealing ring inside the jar lid makes the mason canning jar lids have excellent sealing performance with an air tight, leak proof and tight seal.

When placing the screw bands on your jars for processing, you only want them about “fingertip tight”, meaning that you can easily unscrew them with just a light fingertip touch. 

Do NOT overtighten the lids, they can buckle over the jar during processing and then cannot be removed.  This can also cause breakage to the jars or prevent air from venting out of the jar during the processing time, resulting in extra air in the can and a product that may not keep as long. 

Remember, the screw band is only used to keep the lid in place.  The lid is what seals and keeps the food preserved.